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Human Nerve Force Energy + Proper Breathing

This lesson explains the spiritual-science of human nerve-force energy and the link to breathing. Proper breathing and some mind techniques increases the supply and power of human nerve force energy; this enhances potential for spiritual self development.

This Lesson :-

  • Human Electricity: Nerve impulses within the brain and nervous system are electrical energy, they create electro-magnetic fields and energy waves that can travel away from the body.
  • Metaphysic Energy: The energy in the brain and nervous system is more than just electricity, there is a spiritual science metaphysical explanation for it. (Nerve force, Vital force, Od force, Prana, Chi)
  • Human Magnetism: Nerve force energy creates human magnetism. It can be strengthened and enhanced which develops a personal magnetism that is very helpful for spiritual development.
  • Breathing Anatomy: The human system for breathing, nose, lungs, and diaphragm. Using these properly improves health and it increases the supply of metaphysical nerve force energy.
  • Breathing Properly: Good and bad ways of breathing. We recommend the complete and rhythmic method because it maximises the supply of human nerve force energy.
  • Breathing Exercises: Proper, full, and rhythmic breathing exercise, the method for absorbing more nerve force energy into your body.

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This is the first lesson in the spiritual garden with six pages to read that lead you to understanding about the mysterious human energy of nerve force and how to get more of it.

Summary: Our sources of wisdom explain that, nerve energy in the human brain and nervous system is more than just electricity created by chemical processes. They give a metaphysical, or a spiritual-science, explanation for it and explain methods for increasing its power. Human nerve energy has some mysterious properties and can be strengthened and controlled by the mind.

Hint: Before going too deep, before getting too complicated, it is best to get the basic steps well practiced. Get to it; use all your lungs, try both our breathing rhythm suggestions; in particular, discover how you breathe to recover after periods of intense body and mind activity.

Lição espiritual sobre energia de força nervosa, e exercícios respiratórios especiais para aumentá-la..