1- Basic sitar tuning in the Vilayat Khan style including chikaari, sympathetic, scale, and basic rules of the raga.

2- Sitar Learn Basic Lesson – Tuning  – The Sitar is one of the most popular instruments in Hindustani shastriya sangeet and is a versatile instrument. Its ability to produce a deeply emotive tone that is very close to the human voice with agility and liveliness has made it a very sought after instrument. Sitar music has been patronized for about 700 years and the fact that it is still being practiced today with dedication and passion is a testimony to its grandeur.

3- Tyco talks about the strings and demonstrates how to tune the sitar.

4- TUNING A SITAR Part 1 /  Part 2 /MAX FLURY

5-A brief introduction to tuning a sitar by Gregg Fosse.

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